Gain Insights and Assess Your Business.

Do you have a business that has reached a plateau that you just know could dramatically scale? More often than not you have the talent in-house to make it happen. ROCKET Assess puts a team of up to 15 individuals through their paces to assess whether they are in the right roles and whether the mix of personalities is holding productivity back.

ROCKET Assess is a 4 level business simulation that incorporates a full skill and behavioural assessment. We give your team the ability to identify opportunities to improve process, remove waste and duplication. ROCKET Assess will also increase personal and departmental productivity in addition to applying individual metrics.

Being put through their paces and placed under real business stress to see how they act and react, providing insights that highlight the knock-on effect of the decisions made.

How It Works:

  • Assess at its heart is a game; it's fun yet provides invaluable insights on how a great business can be created and sustained.
  • Your team (no more than 15 people) are introduced to an experiential learning environment.
  • They go through four levels, each followed by a reflection stage and a chance to plan for the next level.
  • The exercise takes place over one day.
  • We prefer an environment that is not your office; taking people where they are less likely to be distracted by day-to-day activity ensures a greater success / impact on the outcome.