You’re looking to transform your organization in order to keep up with smaller agile players in the market, optimise culture and reconnect with customers.

The main elements where ROCKET Enterprise excels is:

  1. The support of a culture shift
  2. Clarity around brand vision and purpose
  3. Breaking down silo thinking and encouraging interdepartmental collaboration
  4. Inspiring individual purpose and motivating teams to change the way they work (all too often after a traditional training session, people go back to their desk ignoring everything they’ve just taken onboard). We guarantee a positive change.
  5. Managing expectations and dealing with risk when reporting to the Executive Board
  6. Lowering the cost of client acquisition

How It Works:

  • Essential to a successful adoption of ROCKET Enterprise is a pre-consultative period to fully identify and understand the challenges you face.
  • The Enterprise version of ROCKET is played out to teams of 10 to 12 individuals. Your team takes over an existing business (£5m turnover).
  • Introduced to the key functions and areas that challenge the way they think a business should be run. 
  • Reflections after the Enterprise delivery are empathy led: "this is how your buyer feels".
  • Followed by "Objection Handling Development" and "Killer Question Development".
  • After the day there is a follow up session to ensure the learning points have been implemented in your business.

We also provide the option of a Sales Enablement Platform.