Put A Rocket Up Your Business.

The ROCKET Simulation game is a highly adaptable learning platform that teaches commercial awareness within any size of organisation. Scale has been specifically designed for a business with ambition to transform exponentially. The transferable learnings that your team come away with will directly impact your business and will transform your team's productivity.

How It Works:

  • ROCKET Scale is a 4-level business simulation that gives your team the knowledge of what it takes to properly scale a business.
  • In this fast-paced, intense environment, give your team a focus and purpose that makes them question process, productivity and people.
  • Your team (no more than 15 people) take over an existing business (£5m turnover).
  • They are introduced to the key functions and areas that challenge the way they think a business should be run. 
  • Although Scale at its heart is a game; it is very intense, completely immersive and you will put through your paces and yet it's damn good fun.
  • The exercise takes place over one day
  • After the day there is a follow up session to ensure the learning points have been implemented in your business.